Enemies (2013)

by Lions Write History

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"Enemies" CDep
Detonate Records


released June 10, 2013

Recorded at Nexus Audio/Visual Productions
Recording Engineer: Steve McCabe
Mixed by: Steve McCabe
Mastered by: Jason Dobyan

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Lions Write History

New England guys playing hardcore in the Boston/New York Style. Featuring ex members of With Honor and Signs of Hope.

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Track Name: Anchors
I'm sick of seeing
Broken hopes on withered faces
Cold and alone
Living in the gutters of forgotten places
And who's to blame
For running out of all your 'final chances'
And who will dig you out
Of that hole, you made for yourself

Well I've been there myself
With no one to count on and all alone
And I made it out
You've got to pick yourself up off the ground
You can't let the anchors in life drag you down

And I still believe there's a light in the darkest days
And I still believe the only way out is to save yourself

Well you can't let life
And all it's problems get in the way
Of choosing your own path, of deciding your own fate
Outside sources may be at play, it's up to you to force them away

And I still believe there's a light in the darkest days
I still believe the only way out is to save yourself
I still believe there's still time to be saved
And I still believe you can live in hell, or choose another way (out)

The anchors in my life wont drown me
The crosses on my back - they will lift me
The nail's in this coffin wont bury me
I'll break free, I'll break free
Track Name: No More Talk
I've never seen so much promise
Just wasting away
In the wake of misguided directions
You're gonna live fast, then die - you won't get your say

Were sleepwalking throughout our own lives
Living in ways other then what we wished for
Just to feel a level of comfort

We are the chains
Choking our own lives
I've been planning for a change
Before you can rebuild - you must destroy

No more just dreaming of a change
We'll make it today
No more talk
I've said all I could say
I'll break out

No more dreaming of an escape
We will make it today
No more talk
Track Name: Isn't Me/Isn't You
If it isn't me
And it isn't you
Then who can it be
Outside of us two?

We were young and in love
And I thought it was true
But something happened
And now I'm pretty fucking confused

It was a love and hate relationship
It hit close to the heart
It was a love and hate relationship
And I'm falling apart

I hope you suffer with me
After all this time
I feel like there's nothing left of my soul
And nothing left of my mind

I still hear the songs on the radio
That we used to love
And now it's just a reminder of the hate I have
And the reasons for why you suck
Track Name: Going It Alone
We've been here before
Throughout our lives
It's no different this time
Look at addiction for what it is
I know it's hard to put behind
But your faults became a shovel for your grave
Some nights are a struggle, they can last forever
You have to have hope for better days

A hymn for the dying
A verse begging you to choose life
We'll be here for you
Throughout your strife
Don't be a slave to the needle
Your life is worth more then this

Do not let the barriers cripple you
Don't be a lost soul when we're still here
I've heard to many eulogies, I've seen too much death
Be better then your past
Before you take your final breath
(Just move on)

Sometimes it's better by going it alone
Sometimes you can't, just to carry on
(To move on)

A hymn for the dying
A verse begging you to choose life
I'll be here for you
Throughout your strife
Track Name: Remembered
How are you gonna be remembered
After your final days
Will you wish instead of leaving here
That you had stayed, and never strayed
From the path you always wanted to take
And didn't die in doubt, cause when the clock runs out
I don't wanna be someone that looks back in pain
Wishing they made better choices
You gotta live for today
(Live for today)

You have to try to get through the 'thick and thins'
Without stumbling on self-inflictions
Without hoping for a second chance
To undo all the messes you've made

We're still here (still here), still breathing (still fighting)
Still Pushing on - to break through (still standing strong)
Living on the front lines, it's a war of choices in this life

It's not gravity that's keeping you to the ground
It's the limits of your mind that's holding you down
Don't (just) imagine the way that things can be
It takes blood and sweat to set yourself free

Everyone wants to leave their mark on this world
We're all the same
When the sands of time stop
People will remember my name